Nantes is a very modern city, with excellent transport links. In the city center most places can be reached on foot and everywhere can be reached by bike. Otherwise, we suggest that you use the excellent public transport .




logo-tan-la-brunelliere-nantesIn Nantes there is an excellent public transport system of buses and trams TAN, which provides a cheap and practical way of getting around the city.


The city of Nantes has 4 tram lines, serving 6 districts in the metropolitan area.



• Line 1 from Beaujoire to François Mitterand
• Line 2 from Gare de Pont Rousseau to Orvault Grand Val
• Line 3 from Neustrie to Marcel Paul
• Line 4 From Foch Cathedrale to Porte de Vertou

There are also 54 bus routes that run throughout the city.

Cette ligne relie la place du Maréchal-Foch, à la porte de Vertou (périphérie de Nantes) et passe à travers la partie Est de l’île de Nantes. Elle dessert du nord au sud : Nantes, Saint-Sébastien-sur Loire et Vertou.


La Luciole !

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, Luciole takes you to trendy places in the Nantes night. And after the party, the line takes you back safely. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, Luciole is one every 30 minutes from 2:15 to 7:15, with easy schedules to remember: the Banana Hangar, Luciole passes 15 and 45 (2:15 to 2:45 …) . A Commerce, the shuttle passes and 30 hour (2:30 to 3:00 …).



To help you get you bearings, click on the following links :
Organise your trip : online transport routes
Map of city center network
Information in real time : bus and tramway times



  • TaN Travel cards for the under 26’s :
    14,50 € for 10 tickets valid for 1 hour.
    37,00 € for 31 days.
    267,00 € a year (in one payment or 26,70 € per month)

The TaN travel cards allow you to use the bus and tramway routes in all 24 suburban districts in Nantes !

The monthly and yearly travel cards also allow you to use the tramway car parks free of charge. You can recharge your card in the “espace TaN” or directly at the card reader machines at tram stops.

Getting to the beach !

We think the best way is to take the train from La Baule or Croisic. The SNCF ticket price is around 12 euros.


Enjoy cycling ?residence-etudiante-labrunelliere-nantes:fillevelo

“Bicloo” self-service bike hire is available 24/7 from 42 different bike stations around the city.
Access to this service is available with either your TaN card, or your credit card
Great news you can subscribe to “Bicloo” for only 29€ a year.

For further information go to one of the ‘Espace Mobilité de la TAN”, 2, allée Brancas.


Parking in Nantes

Only available to residents of Nantes you can get a discount on municipal parking charges.

If you would like to apply for one, go the “Espace Accueil NGE 14-16 rue Racine 44 000 NANTES  ”, with the following documents :

  • Proof of residence
  • Driving license

For further information go to their website or contact them by telephone 02 51 84 94 51 Advantages
Cheaper parking ! 180€ per year or 1€ per day

You can get further information on public transport and bike hire from :
2, allée brancas (tram station Commerce)