It’s moving day !

Make sure you let us know the date and time of your arrival; ideally during the reception opening hours.
Please come to the reception desk to verify your registration file is complete.    At your arrival, you will be given your keys as well as a few instructions regarding your move. You will be asked to fill out your inventory and return it to the reception desk within 12 hours of your arrival.







It is essential that you carefully complete the inventory before moving in your own belongings.

The inventory details the condition of your studio on your arrival (including walls, floor, furniture, equipment, supplies etc.). This document is mandatory when it comes to your staff supervised check out.


The inventory must to be handed in at the reception desk within 12 hours of your arrival.

If this document is not submitted and the condition of your studio is not set out on your arrival you risk being held responsible for any damage and/or shortages from the previous resident.



Creating a log in to join the residence’s Wi-Fi connection

When you arrive at the residence you will need to create an account with CAPTIVITY to have access to the residence’s free Wi-Fi.

All necessary information will be made available to you either directly in your studio or at the reception desk. Swaapeo-Nantes-residences-etudiants

We suggest that you subscribe to our community homepage “SWAAPEO”, so that you can communicate with our other students and catch up with what’s going on at the residence (studio cleaning schedule, information on technical interventions,welcoming party, Christmas party etc..)


Insuring your studio

It is mandatory that you have property and contents insurance with cover for personal liability.
An application which does not include documentary proof may be refused.

It is up to you where you decide to get your insurance from (eg. bank, student insurers or insurance organisations). The comprehensive insurance must cover fire damage, explosion, water damage, theft etc..)



 residence-etudiante-leclemenceau-montpellier/caf_heraultRenting a studio in our residence allows you to apply for the A.L.S (government student housing allowance) with the CAF of Nantes.

To do so, you will need to apply online
The allowance varies from 92€ per person for a double studio to 177€ for a individual studio*.
(*Amounts provided for information only, subject to adjustment each year.)